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Harshita Garg

I'm a Creator, Writer and Developer

Writer, co-author, front-end developer, public speaker, worked with various organizations. Life-long learner who want to build professional network

Harshita Garg

About Me

A coder, writer, co-author, designer and creator!

I am a 3rd year undergraduate student pursuing Btech in IT from HMR Institute of Technology and Management. My professional interests include web development, and coding skills. My personal skills include content writing, blogging, social media marketing, HR, technical writing and contributing to the society in anyway possible. I have done 20+ internships in various domains including keen interest in public speaking, learning new skills and networking with like-minded people as well.

My Projects

Projects show how can you relate theoritical concepts into real-life examples

Animal Care Website

This is the animal care website made in a group project and here we help animals in dealing this quaratine when adequate resources are not provided to them.


This is an e-learning website where all type of programming courses are provided that too for free and with a certificate of completion.

Event Management Website

This is an event management website that I have made for a company as a part of my internship to enlist their online webinar.

E-commerce Website

This is a basic e-commerce website with product pictures, variety of products to choose from and seeing the product desciption.

I am available as a freelancer

I am avaliable to work as a freelancer in content writing and web development and have the ability to deliver good quality projects in minimum time and affordable rates.
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Communities And Organizations

I have been a part of 20+ various organizations, and communities and have played multiple roles in each one of them by developing websites, writing content, managing and leading teams.

Web Developer MFL Educlub

Dec 2020- Present

Content Head Developer Students Club HMRITM

Sep 2020- Present

Content Writer TheWhy-Coach

July 2020- Present

Content Writer CodeAsylums

Oct 2020- Present

Public Speaker Glue Labs

Sep 2020- Present

Community Champion Girl X Tech

Nov 2020- Present

Executive Board Member Literary Club of HMRITM

Aug 2020- Present

Student Volunteer Progate

Sep 2020- Nov 2020

Web Developer STEAM Troops Innovation Labs

Nov 2020- Nov 2020

Web Developer Sparks Foundation

Oct 2020- Nov 2020

Member Girl Up She-United

June 2020- Oct 2020

Admin at Student Partner Programme WeCBR

April 2020- Oct 2020

Technical Content Writer Open Source Code

Sep 2020- Oct 2020

Content Writer Mitti ke Rang

Aug 2020- Sep 2020

Student Development Programme Utkarshini Edutech

July 2020- Sep 2020

Social Media Marketing Intern Eleven Eyed Productions

Aug 2020- Aug 2020

Campus Ambassador Collegedunia

Aug 2020- Aug 2020

Student Trainee in Front-end Web Development Quantel

June 2020- Aug 2020

Campus Ambassador InternIn

July 2020- July 2020

Campus Ambassador Street Music Co

May 2020- June 2020

Content Writer Wrytin

June 2019- July 2019

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